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05 April 2012 @ 05:34 pm


I just moved all my posts there and haven't done any editing, but yeah, i think that my posts look better there, i might post to livejournal and you can comment here cause all the comments are sent to my mail so i can always answer, but please check my wordpress!

03 April 2012 @ 04:20 pm
Hi, a quickity quick post because i am running late as always

Sneaked a photo of my tropical snack hehe, i'm a sneaky one :)
I reccently discovered Doves Farm cereal bars and i must say they are delicious! So far i have tried the tropical fruits& nuts and Apple and sultana flapjack, the flapjack was awesomeness!
+while at hospital i have became better at origami, our playroom teacher is a grumpy witch though :/
++ heri is the most beautiful creature ever created :)

See You soon, i am coming home Thursday!!!

31 March 2012 @ 07:37 pm
Good evening is there any reader still left after my sudden hiatus?

Anyway today was a really nice day spent in city with mother, i can not bring myself to wear pretty clothes, but this is what i came up with :

Those red pants are extremely comfy, comfortable is what matters most for me if you didn't know that yet,hhh.
Notice i am not that stick thin i used to be? I am happy about that, but at the same time i feel fat and oompa loomp'y, i comfort myself by telling that my tights are chubby just because i don't do much sport (30min of light exercises like stretching a day)

I went see the Dangerous method as i already said in previous post. My thoughts?...wait, my mothers thoughts first - she hated hated hated it with all heart. I actually enjoyed some parts, but i can not say it was amazing. I think that it was pretty realistic.

After the movie we walked around a bit & then had lunch at Andalūzijas suns, its a place with an extensive menu of tex mex, but we didn't order anything Mexican, mother got dory fish with rice and i got this -

Risotto with vegetables and pine nuts

It was really good! Just the right amount of nuts, veggies and cheese, i didn't know that it came with cheese, but cheese is cheese it's delicious:)

Next time i will post better quality pictures, i promise!

31 March 2012 @ 10:45 am
Uff, i am home, but just like a guest. It sucks. On Sunday evening i have to go back to the hospi. But! Only for one week! It isn't much, but seems like forever to me... ...i can not get used to being at home actually, i feel useless, like i have wasted sooo much time isolated from the real world.
Now i am thinking about do i need to change school or not? and about starting a new hobby - i will reveal what it is if i really do it.

Oh, yeah a mandatory picture - awesome dark chocolate! Mmm i haven't eaten dark chocs for a long time, i have another bar of this companies chocolate, the other one is with almonds :)

Ok, i have to take a bath now and then i'll go to the cinema to see The Dangerous Method, you know i'm a sucker for psychiatry, right?

24 March 2012 @ 08:59 pm
...return home already?
Almost. I have a week left in hospital i will be home either this Friday or at the start of next week( not this this week ).
I can not say that i am super happy, mainly because i feel i have missed all the best of life, killed my precious time at the hospi, but generally i have became a happier person, i have gained 4kg and i know i wouldn't have gained that much at home in 2 months, you know i would have more physical activities and would forget to eat because of busy schedule so being in hospi wasn't that bad at all...

I actually even kinda like the food there, especially porridges! But hospital food seriously lacks fiber aka vegetables&fruits, no wonder kids have problems with tummies there!
But home food is superior to any other, i mean -

Oatmeal with loads of cinnamon ( accidentally put too much, but tasted awesome! ) + chunky peanut butter + an apple (had more of it) + a waffle my father brought me from Prague :)
I cooked it on water this time because the porridges in hospital are always on milk and sometimes they are too milky...

Adzuki beans + baby spinach + ruccola + baby tomatoes + mozarella seasoned with linseed oil&sea salt.
Or maybe i was just a lil' too hungry after a long day?
It was my first time eating adzuki beans in other way than in Chinese sweet dumpling and i Loved them! I googled their nutritional info and was pleasantly suprised - they have lots of iron and protein - reccomended for vegetarians! I had to eat meat in hospital which made me unhappy, doctors wanted me to get enough protein and iron, but i don't eat meat at home, so i have to find other good foods with iron!
Killing animals to get a vitamin you can get from other tasty things is totally wrong!

Oh, i also have been reading a book by Henrik Fexeus - When You Do What I Want You To - very interesting, i can totally relate to things he wrote about!
Ok, i will go now, don't worry i will soon be out of hospi and posting regulary, just keep checking mah page, okay?